[Daily Discussion] Thursday, June 20, 2019

Your perspective may or may not dovetail with his, though. Probably depends on when in 2013 you purchased and whether we’re just talking about that particular bubble cycle. For you, it’s really easy at this point to preach ‘Buy and HODL’ after having been through two full cycles; his situation is very different, though. And that is fine. But, in the larger range of the investment world it’s a pretty bizarre choice. If a Wall Street trader for some hedge finance doubles his money on the one-month time range he’s basically showered with praises and bonuses as a savant.

Clearly healthcare costs will go up by more than the existing inflation rate of 0.3%, the new Social Security COLA. Medicare Part B proceeded to go up 4% for instance. TrumpCare will include the bigger monthly premiums we found with ObamaCare likely. Providers won’t have a cut. Inflation has shown a 3% rate in history. Let’s go to the videotape. If you’re not fighting it with your long-term money, you will be in trouble. 300 a week in 20 years?

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Unfortunately, Social Security and company pensions won’t keep up. The GOP has vowed to cut our so-called “entitlements”-SS benefits, Medicare, etc. If you don’t believe things are certain to get cheaper from a worldwide recession, you need to invest in the one thing that has proven it can overcome inflation. If you have all your money in to your home, it can’t be eaten by you. However, a blend of stocks and bonds has proven AS TIME PASSES to keep you from hunger and in your home and the rest of the things you anticipate to have. A shared fund with hundreds of different stocks and shares and bonds that have returned over 9% a calendar year since 1970 is the Wellesley Income fund.

Only one down year-with 2 good years after. Representative John Kline (R-MN) desires to permit the trustees of healthy multiemployer pension programs to switch to new second-rate programs that don’t provide assured benefits to employees or retirees. His expenses allows plan trustees to divert money from the old plans to the new programs – increasing the probabilities that well-funded programs could fall into under funded position, threatening the promised benefits of both workers and retirees. The Kline “composite” will be attached to year-end funding legislation that assures passage without workers’ lives being considered.

Your pension may be next. Is health care a requirement for residing in US? Like air and water, we need them for living so they are delivered by companies controlled never to gouge us on the purchase price. Except health care. You understand that the rich live 14 years than the poor much longer. A new study proves that this have not changed because the dark ages.

All other civilized countries consider healthcare a necessity. 600 crisis shot for the young who suffer through no fault of their own. Do you may spend all your monthly cover this lifesaver or let your kid go to the hospital which means that your family can eat? 36 is might know about pay in US.