The Difference Between Business Type S And Business Type B

Everyone has a different personality, so is everyone’s way of earning money. Then, how to learn each of the characteristics in the cash flow quadrant? One of the ways that can be done to generate income is to start your own business. Many people choose type-B (business owner) or types (informal worker).

Each has its benefits and drawbacks and nothing can be judged better than others. Through this post, My Finances will explain some of the distinctions between business types and type B to deepen your understanding in cashflow quadrant. One factor between business types A and B is on the system. For example, the average person S is a teacher. A teacher works as a system that is accountable for her abilities. Hard each day to educate students He works, and if he is on leave or on holiday, then no one can replace him. Thus automatically his income also stalled if he took a long holiday.

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Unlike the case with specific B, for example, an owner of the insurance provider. When he was on holiday, his company was still running as normal with the presence of staff and everything employees so that when he was on holiday, his income kept flowing in. Individuals B and S both want to start their own business, but different is the primary idea.

When you ask individuals A and B, “Can you make a better hamburger than McDonald’s?” almost all will answer Then. But when you ask another question, “Is it possible to build a much better system than McDonald’s?” Then that is where the individuals and B. differences occur. The core idea of an S individual is to produce a better burger generally, while specific B wants a much better business system. In addition to the two distinctions in business types and business B, it is actually possible to move from one quadrant to another. Generally, a person wants to begin his career by being an E-individual (employee) first to gain experience as a basis for opening his own business.

He will then attempt to move to the S quadrant (casual worker) to release his work program and expect greater success opportunities. But this move is challenging. Based on some of the mentioned distinctions previously, you can view your individual tendencies and characteristics surely. Are you the type of individual who is more worried about quality or more worried about business systems? There is absolutely no damage in choosing one of the quadrants, provided your home is it well. Later you can also switch quadrants if you already understand a small business completely.

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