The Bloomin’ Couch

It’s the finish of the world as we know it, la la la la! Apparently, I’m a 21 Dec 2012 survivor. Please contact me if you survived as well! I’m pleased we are all still here, even though I never thought the world would end today in any case. But, I’ll do my last post of the year today, because I want to spend the festive season being festive with my children and friends.

I’ll resume publishing around the third of Jan 2013. So, as a final salute to this 12 months, I’ll execute a recap of my biggest posts over summer and winter. The to begin these is the one of my cousin Neill and my new cousin Evette’s wedding. It had been a record post for me, the very first time ever your blog experienced more than 1000 hits within a day! I’d gotten close many times before, but never actually surpassed 1000 and it’s really never happened from then on again yet.

But I say yet, because I have big plans for the future! Of the entire year on the Bloomin Sofa were both of these The two most popular articles, What your nails say about your Eyesight and health forms. Both of these posts pulled the most views and searches over summer and winter so in retrospect they landed this honourable mention in this recap post.

Another post that claims an archive is one I did so this very week! Some other stuffs happened this year, I had comparative success with one of my hubby’s pictures on Pinterest, handling to obtain it repinned quite a few times. It was this one, from the Bokeh post. I also had some success with the content on pet cruelty in the beauty industry, establishing some records with those that have only been broken within the last two months. People surely got to discussing this heinous practice and it actually relocated one particular in my life to visit cruelty free as well.

  1. 8 years ago from Windsor, England
  2. It’s antibacterial
  3. 65% have more than 1 television
  4. Irritated easily
  5. The Selection of Products Designed for Women of Color Is Limited
  6. Bob Dylan “One Too Many Mornings”
  7. Keep it for 30 minutes before washing it out with warm drinking water

I haven’t forsaken my cause at all, 12 months and in the new, you will be reading even more on this topic. I had developed the most feedback on a single post with Animal testing continued, keeping track of ten and I’m pleased people sat up and observed this post. The articles on our holiday in London and Europe drawn some major crowds as well. These have the labels ‘Travelling’ and ‘Personal’, which means you can go and check em out if you skipped something back.

In the feeling for crafts? This year My first ever detail by detail build tutorial occurred in May, with my mother’s day crafts! That was before my mumsie began to browse the blog and I possibly could still get away with posting spoilers on the Bloomin blog. These days, I can’t do any such thing, like the actual fact that I understand who received X-Factor this year! I also did two special effects makeup step by step tutorials, Pencil stuck in my hand and the main one where my cousin Anschke got mauled. I attempted my hands at YouTube videos and I made a few, but discovered I must say i (REALLY) can’t stand filming myself and halted.

I’ll make an effort to do makeup tuts in the new year like I did so the fx makeup tuts, with pictures of videos instead. Year In the coming, you’ll see your blog get revamped somewhat. Though I’ll still do content on locks and beauty, it won’t be the main focus on here anymore. I wish to do more book reviews, more art tutorials and have more recipes. I wish to feature more performers, more musicians and more amazing films. I’m working on a little idea with my cousins and hopefully you’ll see that can come to life in 2013, along with my publication.