Analyzing Data Collected From 616 Respondents

Despite the need for wearable healthcare devices, little has been known in what influences individual adoption of the wearable health care device. The purpose of this study was to look at factors that influence an individual’s purpose to adopt a wearable fitness tracker, which is a kind of wearable healthcare devices. Factors examined in this research included interpersonal influence, personal innovativeness, self-efficacy, behavior toward a wearable fitness tracker, health interests, and recognized expensiveness of these devices. Adoption motives of two groups of individuals were likened.

One group included individuals who already knew about fitness trackers; the other included those who had been unacquainted with such devices. Analyzing data collected from 616 respondents, we found that the intention to adopt was stronger among respondents who were aware of wearable fitness trackers than it was among those who weren’t aware. Results of ordered logistic regressions indicate that in both sets of respondents, consumer attitudes, personal innovativeness, and health passions experienced statistically significant and positive organizations with the purpose to adopt a wearable fitness tracker.

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