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Let’s face it, how to get rid of age-brown spots is a relevant question most people are asking these days. Will there be a safe, natural, and proven treatment? It looks like everyone dealing with this skin discoloration is wanting to find the answers. Unless you know, those age-brown spots pass various names.

Names like: liver, sunlight, or wisdom areas, lentigines and freckles. But, they’re all the same — skin discolorations that are clusters of melanocytes (pigment-producing) cells called melanin. UV rays from sunlight. They have little to do with maturity but a whole lot regarding tanning time. Although they’re harmless, those skin damage arrive later in life.

Therefore, a few precautionary measures can be studied. For instance, avoid too much direct sunlight, wear protective clothing, and apply plenty of sun stop. But, since age group spots can show up on anybody (even if you are not a sunlight bather) knowing how to get rid of age group brown places is important. Besides the skin damage, the UV rays also cause other problems like your system ‘s ability to create collagen and elastin protein — both vital proteins responsible for preventing wrinkles and having pores and skin looking healthy and lively. In order to offer with the wrinkles and age areas, turn to skin care products which can reduce wrinkles and remove age spots.

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  • Add two or three 3 drops of peppermint essential oil as well
  • Chia Seed Oil that provides deep and log long lasting hydration

But, for a skin-care product to be chemical-free and work it must contain safe, proven, 100 % natural ingredients. So, how to eliminate age-brown spots is easy and safe now. No more bleaching them out using harmful chemicals or zapping them with laser treatments, but by utilizing a whitening cream containing natural ingredients.

When finding your skin layer cream, look for substances called Extrapone Nutgrass and Functional Keratin. Extrapone Nutgrass is from the root of the plant from India called nutgrass. It was developed as an anti-irritant for your skin with a German company, however, it was only the finding of its whitening properties were discovered afterwards.

The nutgrass root inhibits the formation of melanin in the skin! It’s been shown in scientific trials (on human being volunteers) to reduce melanin by up to 40%. It gradually whitens skin which makes it brighter and healthier without any harmful side results. And, working is another natural ingredient called Functional Keratin collectively, a substance that stimulates the creation of new cells. Functional keratin is amazing, natural, and safe.

And great honey suggestion! Thank you a lot for your suggestions! I have ordered some of the products and am getting excited about trying a more natural method of my skin care routine. I’ve used coconut oil for some time and think it’s great completely. I have had various skin problems throughout my life, rosacea, menopause acne, dry skin. I could relate with the vicious cycle of products that we buy to fix one problem plus they create another problem. Love this post and love your look!