You know, we’ve liked the web and watching the online community grow for over 12 years. We’ve been energetic in many jobs over the years and it’s really never been as interesting as it is right now. Social Media may seem like another buzzword to some, but also for us it has been a way of life for a long time, and it’s really finally come old.

Products are exploding on the market so fast it’s a full time job merely to keep up with it. You’re probably scanning this because you either are part of that community and just checking out in, or you are considering places to learn about social media and the way to integrate it into your marketing plan. For this second group, here’s a little bit in what we do. Social Media Strategy Development- Create a strategy for getting your message out with the best potential for interpersonal media engagement.

We do this by looking at the existing content, branding and marketing goals and develop a plan that is clearly a part of your current marketing and marketing communications strategy. Community Outreach- Reach out to the Social networking community to construct knowing of your message through communities, bloggers and create relationships with the influencers in related internet sites. Content optimization – Optimize existing web-pages and content-including video, pr announcements, inter-actives and web content- to increase re-distribution and conversation.

Campaign Management- Managing your on-line advertising campaign from social mass media outreach to search engine marketing and marketing and AdWord promotions. Monitoring and Reporting- managing these campaigns requires diligent monitoring to maintain the quality of information and performance of ad campaigns. We use state of the art monitoring systems to control your advertising campaign and “listen” to the way the message has been received. What exactly are the advantages for you?

  • A seamless consumer experience on your website
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Increased Revenue- The more eyeballs that see your message and the more often they see it, the greater opportunity there is certainly to allow them to listen to you and get involved. People are listening- Focused interest and increased consumer engagement earnings in user loyalty and higher traffic as well as increased income.

Amp up the brand- With the cacophony of advertisements and mass media on-line, your message clearly needs to be delivered, in multiple venues and often to get your brand to stay in user’s minds. Getting into the discussion can help users develop a knowledge of you as well as your business that are certain to get your brand noticed. Quality traffic- There are lots of ways to increase traffic, but what you need is quality traffic.

If you sell hype saws and you get a great deal of traffic for people looking for Buzz Lightyear, what value is that? We drive traffic based on who you are. Competitive data- Most likely you aren’t alone in your message. We can demonstrate how you rate against your competition, and help you retain tabs on their social mass media presence too. Uncover what they are talking about and market changes at the quickness of the net.

By showcasing many of these good examples from Legion, I am attempting showing you that content marketing does convert if you concentrate on the transformation aspect. Remember how previously I talked about how exactly when people go to websites with content they are there to read and learn? That doesn’t suggest you can’t convert them into customers.