What Helps PROBABLY THE MOST To Keep You Motivated?

Today my pals over at Bariatric TV published a question on Facebook: Motivation. What helps the most to keep you motivated? Noun: The reason or reasons you have for acting or behaving in a specific way. The overall desire or determination of you to definitely do something. The reasons are extensive plus they have changed as time has gone on. When I first had weight-loss surgery what motivated me was getting to a goal weight and hearing the compliments of relatives and buddies. I was held by it heading. Attempting to hit 50lbs gone, 100lbs gone, shopping in regular stores, getting to Goaaaaaaaal Go Go Goaaaaaaaal.

Then I hit goal and no balloons dropped from the sky, I woke up the very next day just like the day before. Soon the “OMG, You look AMAZING” accolades quieted. Sure from time to time I got the casual one from a person who hadn’t seen me in a while but it wasn’t the everyday incident it once was.

1. Remembering the nice and the bad helps encourage me. I look at my before pictures and remember the hard, unhappy, feeling hopeless and trapped years. 300 pounds, unpleasant, sweating, and tired, using every excuse to sit down because I harm a lot. I missed from one of the “lands” entirely.

I barely easily fit into the trips and didn’t even attempt a few knowing I wouldn’t make it. Day Not my finest. 2. Staying active in the Weight Loss Surgery community helps inspire me. Both in-person (most importantly events like my favorite OAC’s Your Weight Matters National Convention event! I enjoy celebrating their successes and am cautioned against potential pitfalls through others encounters.

  • Mango leaves – You should boil the mango leaves in water and drink the combination in every morning
  • 1/2 cup shredded Cheddar or Colby Jack Cheese, divided use
  • Dec. 31: The Glory of Today
  • Understand that self-control and discipline by themselves,
  • Eat gradually and chew completely

Sharing my tale through this blog helps keep me motivated. You men help me keep my mind in the overall game for sure. 3. My desire to maintain my “healthy eating sobriety” helps motivate me. This is a controversial one but this is what motivates ME, everyone’s journey differs. I’ve lived a healthier lifestyle, days without my “drug of preference” getting the power, times I have begun to adore life versus simply existing. Just like a person in AA getting those medallions I take a look at these post-surgery days as something to keep adding up and celebrating. I understand some who say not wanting to eat certain foods again is unusual ever. Like I said, every post-ops journey differs.

We didn’t all put on weight for the same reasons, so the route we take after surgery changes too. You must find what works for you. 4. Good quotations help encourage me. My old friends Thin Samoas and Mints in their colorful, familiar boxes waiting for me to renew our unhealthy relationship.