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Online lesson planning and grading! Standards designed for all 50 expresses, 75 national and international frameworks, 100 districts, and dioceses, and growing! This website is my favorite find on the internet ever! I’ve e-mailed my entire staff about it. Thank you for an extremely user-friendly site that’ll be an enormous time saver! Thank you for creating this site, it is a truly wonderful way to plan and organize my lessons. I have used everything year and just love it! I love to utilize it. This join the URL is invalid. Please make sure the join URL has been copied correctly and is not expired.

Time Magazine reviews that you can’t download songs and videos straight from iTunes; instead, you have to go through a Personal computer or Macintosh and sync the tracks over then. That may be a blessing because the phone does not have 3G performance, but it must work direct at least on WiFi.

No cellular sync. You have to use a cable to sync it to a PC, though it has high-speed cellular. Again, why restrict this? No third-party apps. This one was a shock to me. Michael Gartenberg of Jupiter Research reviews that Apple says the iPhone is a closed device — only Apple can add applications to it.

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Michael thinks it will not be an issue to the masses, but I think it’s a huge missed chance of Apple. They have Mac OS X within, they have the infrastructure — if they flipped the developers loose onto it they could quickly amass an unbelievable selection of add-on features and system completely.

I have no idea if the restriction on alternative party applications is a short-term thing, or an intentional and long-lasting part of Apple’s plan. No working office enclosure support. Michael also reports that Microsoft Office files enclosed by e-mails can not be read by the iPhone. I resided through this sort of restriction at Palm, which is a stopper for serious e-mail users. This is often the sort of thing that alternative party programmers could fix if Apple opened the system. What’s the processor chip and its speed?

How powerful is the electric battery, and can the user to replace it? (That is important because I suspect that doing heavy media and maintaining a radio connection will drain the battery fairly fast. I recall back when Palm thought the Treo didn’t need a replaceable battery. The iPhone looks like a perfect offering for the entertainment-centric users.