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The common problem in the thinking of many business owners is that earnings are only going to be driven by the sales force, and the sales team alone. They put a great deal of energy into hiring the best salespeople they are able, training them through to their service or product, and they permit them to loose and longing for the best.

The problem with that thinking is salespeople are just one part of the equation. Oftentimes, a startup with 1-5 salespersons may have 10-50 employees, meaning your sales team only represents around 10% of your entire staff. Wouldn’t it be easier to produce an “everyone offers” mentality inside your company, to get 100% of your personnel helping you with your sales and marketing attempts?

And, along the way, get 90% more folks assisting you drive earnings! I am not suggesting that the other 90% need to drop everything they may be doing and not focus on their primary role. What I am saying is: all 100% of your staff have friends, families, colleagues from previous employers, college mates, and other contacts that are often very accessible by the employee’s social media followings on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or elsewhere.

  • Cinema/hired performers
  • Managing the right-hand aspect of the balance sheet
  • Leadership, especially the ability to encourage
  • You will never need to advertise
  • What do the taxpayer learn which entered in to the decision to engage in this business activity
  • Don’t mind the limelight
  • Having a deductible home office makes many “commute” drives into business drives
  • Ensure that effective marketing programs are shipped

So, help educate your entire staff on your products and services, and give them the various tools and messaging they will need to help spread the portrayed phrase with their contacts. So, a good marketing plan for a startup is to utilize the best resources possible, especially free low-hanging fruit, like the non-public relationships of your staff.

The fact an organization message originates from a reliable friend, will boost the odds it will be seen or acted upon. And, this not only means tapping into those good friends alone, but their extended networks with socially viral “refer a pal” campaign efforts. So, whether it is via social press or personal phone calls or regardless of the medium, the key is to get all your staff considering sales opportunities for your business. And, once a lead is identified, then your sourcing employee can hand it off to the sales team to close and service following that, so it will not become a distraction to them in their normal job.

And, most startup employees are smart enough to know that the security of thier next paycheck arriving promptly is directly correlated to the revenues of the business coming in. So, as well as the natural drive for a startup employee to want to help the united team is successful, there are personal reasons in the form of income and job security, as well. But, well worth mentioning, this must be considered a proactive and fully-communicated plan from the start of your business. You don’t want this request to be interpreted as a period to panic or get employees looking for the hinged door.