YSA Skin Care Products Review

The huge “acne” on the center of my nasal area has been bothering me for almost a year. Day and acquired a lump on my nose in oval I simply woke up one. I’ve been trying to cure it with almost all acne removal beauty kits and creams (from affordable and even those expensive brands).

However, with much effort even, I failed. It’s still at the center of my nose, kicking and alive! All of the pimples and scars on the other part of my face already said goodbye, but this reddish pink thing did not bother to have a vacation (at least). I QUICKLY realized that it’s not a pimple.

It might be something that I need to seek advice from with a skin doctor. I visited the mall and frequented 3 derma clinics. Honestly, I don’t go to derma treatment centers on regular basis. I must confess that I only stopped at derma clinics before this on my life double. I thought that using exfoliating creams, steam, pore strips, cosmetic masks and similar beauty things are to make my pores and skin clear and free from any blemishes enough. Although I understand that, it’s impossible for me not to have any pimple whatsoever because I have hormonal imbalances. My first derma experience was with a salon. It had been a negative experience because the individual doing facial doesn’t seem to have professional experience.

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  • Any history of lack of hair in eyelashes or eyebrows
  • During hot, humid conditions apply antiperspirants in the middle of your thighs to lessen excess sweating
  • Natural skin care products do not have harmful residues and chemicals
  • Chegg For Good
  • Gift of health
  • Heart means everything

She pricked my epidermis so hard and remaining some marks/holes. It got me 5 years before I went to another derma medical clinic. My sister just invited me to join her for facial treatment while she was on the vacation here in the Philippines (bonding moment). I went to 2 derma treatment centers such as Let’s Face It and Skin Perfect Facial Salon. Unfortunately, they don’t really have in-house dermatologists.

I have to visit a different branch and set an appointment. The dermatologists for Skin Perfect work in Manila Area only (that’s 3 hours from where I live). I finished up visiting YSA Skin Care Center. I had been hesitant initially because I have no idea anything about this clinic (No suggestions from people I know). Except that, I am aware that some famous celebrities are endorsing this medical clinic.

The skin care center is not crowded unlike other derma treatment centers. As you can see on the picture above, I remained in a single small room (Cubicle size). The bed size is exactly for just one person (Up to large built). The staffs like the receptionist were all friendly (accommodating), professional and knowledgeable.

I first prayed before getting into the room that the individual to do facial on me should have long patience since it’s been almost 24 months since I last had my facial. The merchandise they recommended don’t possess ingredients shown and instructions. Note: The red-pink thingy on my nose swells whenever I apply any beauty products on it. That’s why my nose appears bigger on photos than the real easily wear complete makeup.

Most of that time period I leave my nasal area bare that’s why there were times that it’s almost not visible on photos. The mature personnel in the center explained that it might be a pimple that is early that must heal by itself (This means which i shouldn’t be just concealing it because it worsens your skin condition).