Technology You Time Saves, WHY Not Use Apps?

I’ve been as of this “home based” thing much longer than most. Before I began my online profession of writing books and speaking, I ran my own marketing company for near to 15 years as an individual mom. I transformed my two-car garage into a dropped-ceiling office with extra electricity, computer systems, phones and desks.

One of our clients was the United States Air Force, we’d a contract designing magazines (Flying Safety, Road and Rec and the TIG Brief). That year long project Before I began, they delivered someone from the Inspector General’s office to check us out and be sure we were a “real” business – because certainly nobody could run a business from a garage area, right? I ran my business then as I really do now, showing up at my desk every morning (when i took my little girl to school) and locking any office at night. Just as I did so while i worked well in a corporate and business environment.

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The business was extremely successful due to the fact that I put every ounce of energy I needed (beyond Mom responsibilities) into it. I was successful enough to give it all up to begin writing and speaking when offered the opportunity. I learned some hard lessons along the way.

The key to success is developing positive work practices. Develop routines that work. Life, clients and family all have means of grabbing your attention, pulling you off task. It may seem inevitable, but it’s not. Do something to create a routine. Involve your loved ones too; be clear that the right time you’re work hours have to be sacrosanct.

By setting (at the very least) some loose schedules; you will feel more in laser and control concentrated. Day the night time before Organize your. Day will function Envision how your next work. Lay it all out in your thoughts or in Evernote without overloading the “to-do” list. I keep a Notepad windowpane on my desktop with notes from the night before and I add to it throughout the day.

Set long range goals during quiet time; take action to them during business hours. Don’t let email run your daily life! Your day when you address your primary email package Have arranged times in. Use filters to segregate the fun stuff. Your day on your tablet The fun email can be handled at the end of. Schedule your SOCIAL NETWORKING time and set controls for notifications. Your focus won’t be well worth spit if you retain hearing pings or getting arbitrary phone calls and text messages. If a Google is had by you Voice number, forward your phones compared to that number and browse the transcriptions of messages if you are ready. Return calls when its not crunch time.

Find apps that save you time. Technology saves your time, so why not use apps? I pointed out Evernote above – great one! It helps me organize my thoughts whether I’m at my table or in line at the marketplace. Consider also Bufferapp to schedule social media posts for sharing and set up PayPal which means you can take credit cards (their reports are first rate).

Also, using Skype saves you time on quick phone calls. Once you can afford it Outsource. The entire purpose of your business is to make enough money to keep you and your family comfortable. Expect to do a good deal of unsexy chores. As as you can afford it soon, the best investment will be someone to do your bookkeeping.

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