Jessica Alba Hair And Makeup

As a celebrity who has been in the limelight since the age group of 12, Jessica Alba has been on countless movie units, red carpets, and photo shoots. It’s made her a beauty expert and much more of a reliable creator of beauty products at her own brand, Honest Beauty. Unlike many companies, the clean skincare and makeup brand do everything in-house-including product formulation.

Liquid lipsticks get a negative reputation for being drying, but Alba has been able to expose a lipstick that not only has major color payoff, but is moisturizing and long-wearing. The vegan formula feels silky and velvety on the lips-but not too gooey or glossy-and dries down demi-matte. Considering she’s tried so many looks over time, we decided to walk down beauty storage street with Alba and get her to undertake her locks and makeup occasions of past and present. Read on for her thoughts on being blonde, having bangs, and the main one time she needed to chop off all her locks.

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