Profitable Niche Part 1

I make money online because they build small yet profitable niche market websites. I encourage you all to follow along with the research study and create a niche website of your. Remember though it’s really not in your interest to just use the same niche. You’ll be better off taking the time to find your own much, untapped market that isn’t released on a blog like this for everyone to see!

So let’s not muck around and just jump right in shall we? After a little of looking I come across the ‘Wine Aerator’. You put your wines through them to aerate and bring out the full flavor of a wine. Looks very good with significantly less than a million results – I think I’ve found my market! First I signed up a website name with my main keyword ‘Wine Aerator’ in it through NameCheap.

10 per month and they have a feature that allows you to set up WordPress with just a few clicks. 0.01 when you use the promotion code: LAZYCOUPON. Next it’s time to spruce up the website a good looking WordPress theme. For this website I’ve decided to use the ShopperPress theme.

It’s a paid theme that becomes your blog into a great looking online store that’s appropriate for affiliate products. 20 discount on the ShopperPress theme utilizing the promotion CUSTOMERPRESS. However if you’re pursuing along and don’t want to buy this theme then a free WordPress theme can do the work just fine too.

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  2. A header with your author name and what you write (ex: Pen Name: Writer of Historical Fiction)
  3. Marketplaces integration
  4. Go to Service info > Configuration > Rooting Status

It’s time to add a just few products to the website. Finally I’ve built only a few links to the website just to make it get indexed by the various search engines. The links consisted of two blog remarks, two forum signature links and two cultural bookmarks… easy! For a full set of places to build your list check out this big list of easy to get backlinks.

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