New Zealand Green Investment Finance Ltd

New Zealand Green Investment Finance Ltd (NZGIF) has been established to speed up low-emissions investment in New Zealand. 100 million investment fund launched to purchase lowering emissions (Beehive website). Within Budget 2018 the Federal government announced its purpose to determine a Green Investment Fund. NZGIF will be formally set up as an ongoing company under plans four of the general public Financing Act 1989. This means it shall operate separately from the Federal government and allow it to work in market-responsive way. The company will have a high degree of versatility with respect to where and how it invests, nonetheless it is expected that there will be opportunities in the commercial process heat, transport, energy efficiency, distributed energy agriculture, and networks.

NZGIF is within its establishment phase. This follows the appointments to the panel late this past year of Cecilia Tarrant (Chair) and David Woods (Director). There is a great deal to do before NZGIF will be completely open for business. The next thing is to complete the Board appointments. Applications have closed and are being considered.

Appointments will be completed by mid-May. We’re also working on company incorporation. We are in the process of developing the ongoing company constitution and other foundation documents, which will enable NZGIF to be incorporated by mid-May. When will NZGIF be functional? Exact timelines will depend on decisions directors make; however, of the year we expect to see NZGIF completely functional by the middle. Cecilia Tarrant is a professional company director with a background in international banking and finance.

Cecilia happens to be the Chair of the Government Superannuation Fund Authority, a Director of Payments and Seek NZ, a Member of The University of Auckland Council, and a Trustee from the University of Auckland Foundation. Cecilia is active in early-stage angel investing as the Chair of the ArcAngels Angel Investment Network and as an associate of ICE Angels.

She was previously a Director of Fletcher Building and the SCA Property Group Trustee NZ Limited. To seeking a governance career Prior, Cecilia was a Managing Director at Morgan Stanley. She has comprehensive international experience in capital markets, finance, and banking, having worked first as an attorney in SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA and then as an investment banker in NY and London. The businessman, environmentalist, and professional director, Sir Rob are a well-known advocate for sustainability in both public and private areas. He has started several successful businesses including municipal composting procedure Living Earth Ltd and Waiheke Island based Te Matuku Oysters Ltd.

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