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How competitive is Scotland in today’s travel market? In his book Adventure Capitalist, US buyer Jim Rogers slates Iceland and Ireland for learning Gaelic and Danish respectively. He says that he’d have his children learn Spanish or one of the Chinese languages. He supported this up when he shifted from NY to Singapore and indeed has brought up his kids to be bilingual.

The infrastucture keeps growing quickly in Asia. Rome built its empire with streets, Britain relied on her navy for seapower, and the USA liknked her nation through rail then flights. Asia appears to be heading towards BROADBAND Rail. China have ambitious plans to web page link in the major beyond and metropolitan areas. When returning home to Glasgow I checked in for my flights at KL Sentral Railway Station.

I got my boarding move and waved bye to my heavy luggage until some 20-odd hours later I picked them up off the carousel in Glasgow. I QUICKLY hopped to the KLIA Express which required me 28 pain free minutes later to KLIA Airport. And our specialists in Scotland terminated the GARL (Glasgow Airport Rail Link). And they also terminated the 10 lane superhighway between Edinburgh and Glasgow, our two major towns. For an industrialised country, and one that has given the global world so many incredible engineers, I feel we are so behind all of those other world that it’s disturbing much. We must spend money on communication and transport if not we are doomed.

The M74 extention is 30 years overdue. The Kingston Bridge is almost done and do we have another high capacity bridge being built? Or a wider tunnel under the Clyde? In San Francisco, the Oakland Bay Bridge (more impressive in my opinion than the Golden Gate) has been replaced by a new bridge being built side by side. The alleviation bridge shall take traffic going one of the ways and the old bridge the other. So if Scotland is serious about being a true top notch travel destination then we need to improve our infrastructure.

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And remember what we spend now will be worthy of more in the long run, today will be well worth less in a decade time as a pound. Possibly the 2014 Commonwealth Games will see the GARL being built and even the 10 lane superhighway. If not then these ‘savings’ are false economies, for me.

You’re better off thinking of them as tags though. Read our power user guide to better Gmail to understand them. These are a set of default labels that show up as tabs in Gmail. You have four of these: Social, Promotions, Updates, and Forums. Categories add context to your emails. They keep automated messages like sociable media improvements and promotional mailers out of your primary inbox.

Thanks to the category tabs, you can find specific types of emails faster. For instance, if you’re searching for a password reset email, you can jump to the Updates tabs because that’s where it’s programmed to show up. If you want to stick with the principal tab only, turn off the category tabs via the Configure inbox option concealed behind the Configurations or equipment icon.

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