The Best Free Excel Spreadsheet Alternatives

As the world advances towards cloud-based processing and greater availability of free basic software Microsoft has been overlooked in the chilly. In an attempt to regain traction force, Microsoft has released Microsoft Office Web Apps, a version of Office that’s available online through the Windows Live website. Microsoft Office Web Apps includes a free version of Excel. The interface of the web version of Excel is impressive. It looks almost exactly like an Excel spreadsheet opened on an area duplicate of Microsoft Office 2010. The only sign that it’s different is having fewer options.

That’s because the features of the free version of Excel is not a lot of in comparison with standard Excel. You can create documents, format them, and use basic formulas even, but more complex features such as graphs, pictures, and advanced formula editing are not included. Despite these drawbacks, Microsoft Office Web Apps can be a good free alternative to Microsoft Excel if you want to have perfect Excel compatibility nevertheless, you don’t need or have not yet learned to use, advanced Excel features. It is also cloud-based solution – your files will be saved to your web Live account – making it very flexible for individuals who are constantly on the go.

It is in fact a full collection of office applications used much just like a local installing Microsoft Office. The interface is a old school bit but quite effective. It can be utilized by you with Windows, OS Linux, and X. You can save files in .xls format, however the compatibility with Microsoft Excel is not always perfect. A well-known web-based free Excel spreadsheet alternative Google Documents is a suite of web-based programs. Among these planned program are Google Spreadsheet, and as you may expect from the real name, it is Google’s free spreadsheet choice.

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Google Spreadsheet uses Google’s user interface, which is not similar to the user interface of any other office software significantly. It really is web-based, so that it opens up in your browser. The interface is not as slick as Microsoft Office Web Apps, but users on slower computer systems have reported that the Microsoft Office Web Apps does not run well, whereas Google Spreadsheet has no problem on slower machines. Google Spreadsheet includes all the basic functionality you’d expect. You can format spreadsheets and enter formulas.

The spreadsheet also includes some advanced functions that you don’t find in Office Web Apps, like the ability to include images and charts. Cooperation is a significant feature included Google Spreadsheet also. It is possible to share files easily with other Google users, so that data can be quickly exchanged. Alternatively, you can talk about a document as read-only. This is useful since it lets people view data in a browser, free of extendable compatibility issues.

Another free Excel spreadsheet alternative that is online, Zoho Sheet is part of an incredibly comprehensive suite of online office and cooperation software. Collaboration is in fact the true name of the overall game at Zoo, even more so than at Google perhaps. You may make spreadsheets open for others to view and edit and you can see who’s currently editing the spreadsheet and message them if you want to discuss something. The user interface of Zoho Sheet is closer than a mature version of Excel than to Google Documents. The interface is much less small overall and can be personalized to a level.