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In this website I will show you, how you can use the OSR UDDI Services in Soa Suite 11G. This are steps I did in this blog Basically. We begin by downloading OSR and Oracle Weblogic 11G ( 10.3.2 or 10.3.1 ) . Install Oracle Weblogic and unpack the OSR zip.

Open control and established the java home and route. We need to set up OSR in a folder located in the Weblogic 10.3.2 middleware home. I select the website option, this will create a new Weblogic site template. We are finished with installing OSR and now we can create a fresh Weblogic website. Start the configuration wizard.

We need to choose the Oracle Service Registry Option. When you set up OSR on a single server as your Soa Suite server then you can better change the port amount of the adminserver else you can get port issues and or config.xml problem. Start JDeveloper 11g R1 PS1 and put in a new UDDI Registry Connection. In the source palette we can see the created UDDI Server.

To fill up this registry we have to create our own Business entity. We are able to go back to JDeveloper reference palette and open the Soa software server connection. Open the right composite application and choose the net service you want to release to the OSR. Use the right mouse button and choose publish WSDL to UDDI.

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Provide the account and choose your own Business Entity. When we refresh the OSR UDDI connection we can easily see the Service under the business entity. To get more UDDI information over this service we can select the service and use the right mouse button to create a written report.

We are prepared to use this UDDI service in a composite application. Add the net Service adapter to the composite and we will lookup the WSDL in the reference palette. We have to choose if we want to lookup this web service for each soa instance in the UDDI server or only one time during deployment. This is one way the ws binding appears like in the amalgamated.xml, No hard coded endpoints. Last step is to provide the UDDI v2 inquiry url, You don’t need to specify an individual and password. After this you need to restart the Soa Server.

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