Makeup Portfolio :)

As part of my Capstone, I did some freshmen young ladies’ makeup. Another ninth-grader was chosen by me as my model. For this model, I needed to do a bronze-y natural eye look. I first started with applying attention primer, concealer, and face powder to her pores and skin. Then, I applied a bronze shimmery eye shadow to the lid and a dark brown to the crease and outer-v of her eye. After that, I filled in her eyebrows and applied mascara, blush, and lip gloss.

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Please LMK others in the comments as you find them. Sign up for training and volunteer with the Red Cross: Sign up for a disaster bootcamp- psychological advocate, problems management, and shelter training. Direct Relief International- This locally founded non-profit offers relief fund right to locals affected by the mudslides.

Search Dog Foundation – The search canines have been critical in the mudslide recovery efforts. They lost their building in Santa Paula through the Thomas Fire and are in great need. Montecito Mud Angels – I’ve known Eric since he started the first TedX conference here in 2010. He understands how to rally and has a huge heart. He is ensuring donations go to the people in the greatest need directly!

The stories of how they are helping will bring a rip to your attention. Thanks for taking the time to learn this, as well as your concern. To our wholesale partners and online customers, thanks for your understanding! Please be kind and patient with each other as we wade through this. The street to recovery here will need years, but I’m staying positive as I see our community coming together in beautiful ways. We shall come out so much stronger from this! You are amazing people and I’m lucky to have met you.