Often, we consider specific people attractive and other people not as attractive. And frequently, we disagree with other people on whose or who isn’t. In the written reserve I was reading, I noticed the husband only appreciated the wife when she was wearing makeup. He got mad at her when she wasn’t wearing any. This ongoing pressure to wear makeup at all times made her feel like her beauty described her as a person. Which made me question just what identifies beauty in people’s eye. The overall definition of beauty is: “the product quality present in something or person who gives extreme pleasure or deep satisfaction to your brain, whether arising from sensory manifestations”.

This description causes me to believe that beauty is exactly what you make it. Beauty is exactly what you like about yourself or what others like best about you. It really is not other’s anticipations of you as a person (literally or emotionally). Beauty differs for everybody, since it’s the quality in someone/something else that attracts you.

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Beauty is also not just a physical trait. Beauty can be indicated through a specific psychologically. Someone’s music taste, intelligence, or even political beliefs could seem attractive to you. This beauty is not based off looks but an individual’s personality simply. This is where that used to quote overly, “looks aren’t everything” is necessary.

Beauty is also not only seen in people. You can view the beauty in everyday things. Art, movies, character, etc. are examples of what to see beauty in. The items I see beauty in, my brother might not see the same. It’s different for everyone. Seeing the difference of other’s appreciation of beauty makes me believe beauty is precisely in the attention of the beholder. Beauty is exactly what it is manufactured by you, not what others tell you to make it.

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