Comparator Study Of Milk-Based Versus Soy-Based Liquid Meal Replacement Interventions

Objectives: Soy protein intake has advantageous effects on bodyweight and unwanted fat distribution in experimental pets but these effects never have been showed in humans. To compare ramifications of soy- vs. LED providing 1200 kcal/day, with consumption of five soy-based or two milk-based liquid MR for a 12-week weight reduction trial.

Serum lipoprotein measurements were obtained at baseline, 6 and 12 weeks. Results: For soy and milk MR groups, subject matter figures were, respectively, 51 and 39 randomized and 30 and 22 completers. MR use averaged: soy, 3.7/day; and milk, 1.9/day. Weight losses for completers at 12 weeks were: soy MR, 9.0% of preliminary body weight (95% self-confidence intervals, 7.3-10.6%); and dairy MR, 7.9% (5.8-8.8%) without significant variations.

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