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This hotel is usually one of my first options when I need an airport terminal hotel because I have always been upgraded to a professional or club floor room in the past. The agent did not identify my status or provide any information about the guestroom during check-in, so I had not been sure if I got received an improved room or not. Our stay was Friday of Memorial weekend, that night time and there have been only 11 rooms rented. Imagine what an extraordinary review I’d be writing about this property, if that they had opted to provide a Platinum member, an upgrade to a suite or better guestroom.

I did not take any photos this stay, and I neglected to write down the guestroom number. I believe we were in a guestroom on floors five in C-wing. I really do not know if all the guestrooms on floors five are executive rooms or just a few of them. This guestroom seemed smaller than others we’ve stayed in.

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When I made this reservation, I had developed requested a high floor, corner room, in a peaceful area. Although a guestroom was received by me at the top floor, it was next to the elevator. I really do not think there were every other guests in this hall, so the guestroom was in a silent area, even though it was next to the elevator. It was much less nicely remodeled as some guestrooms I have stayed in, and there was only one soft chair in the available room. I have stayed in other guestrooms as of this hotel with a couch rather than one chair. That could have fulfilled our needs better, since there were two of us. It had a balcony overlooking the relative back courtyard.

The Club Lounge remodeling have been completed, and the lounge was used, although it was not open the evening of our stay. Sometimes, the room continues to be accessible for water in bottles and such. I tried my type in the hinged door, which did not work. That evening Later, I inquired about the Club room, or discounts in the hotel lounge. Leading table agent–who was unique of the employee who had examined me in–gave me a couple of beverage coupons for the hotel lounge.

The service, food, and beverages in the lounge were excellent. I’ve liked every food and beverage item I’ve tried at this hotel since the lounge and restaurant were remodeled. A chicken breast was shared by us jerk sandwich, that was lots large enough for two. The bartender let us use our beverage coupons for upgraded beverages. I could print something in the business center without any difficulty or a charge. I have stayed in a few Crowne Plazas that charges for printing.

There was not a copy machine in the business center, and leading desk agent made a duplicate of two items for me. Front desk personnel were also pleased to let me leave a bundle I had scheduled for pickup your day we checked out. Hotel shuttle & misc. Morning hours shuttle was prompt The as was our pickup from the airport terminal when we returned. One reason I choose this property on the nearby Hilton (now a DoubleTree) is because of the benefits I normally receive.

Since I did so not obtain any perks this time until after I inquired, I am undecided about which hotel I will decide for future airport remains. The room we’d was acceptable, although I did not realize why staff could have chosen not to give us a much better room when the property was nearly empty.