Topic 8.1 Master Data And Preliminary Costing

To be able to better compare the price objects, all production procedures should be accompanied by controlling by period. A creation is acquired by Each pump version for repetitive manufacturing and another creation version for order-related production. In this example, we will need a close look at the production for production orders.

A production order should be created in the get good at data while something cost collector should serve as a cost object for Controlling by period. Use something cost collector that assumes the role of the cost object. The logistical production objects (such as creation orders) aren’t cost objects. Postings in Materials Management, Production, and Financial Accounting lead to real costs.

You post confirmations, goods goods and issues receipts with regards to the creation order. You configure the orders so these costs are assigned to the product cost collector automatically. You can assign other costs, such as process material or costs overhead, directly to the product cost collector. All period closing activities are performed using the merchandise cost collector. Charges for products that a goods receipt in the warehouse has been listed in the current period (“delivery to stock”). Costs for work in process.

These are focus on costs for the production amounts which have been verified for the procedures however, not yet sent to the stock. Product cost enthusiasts are created in addition to the production type. Order-related production (that is, when you use production purchases). Process production (that is, creation with process purchases). Repetitive production, for which the cost object is something cost collector always.

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This also pertains to KANBAN production methods. Mass creation predicated on sales orders when you are using valuated sales order stocks, and in repeated manufacturing if you are producing individual requirements materials. Which means that the product cost collector has “two uses.” For repetitive manufacturing, it is always used. It is also always used as a cost object when controlling is not to take place for logistical objects (decoupling scenario).

In Product Cost by Period, costs are collected and examined on the merchandise cost collector. Production orders do not serve as cost objects; they may be used only for logistical processing. You need to create a product cost collector before you begin creation personally. When the manufacturing order is established, it is linked to the product cost collector automatically. If you neglect to create something cost collector, the expenses are collected on the manufacturing order. In this full case, it is possible to link the production order to the merchandise cost collector as long as no real costs have been updated to the manufacturing order. Note on terminology: This course often uses the word production order.