Fitness Incentive Program Ideas

Corporate fitness programs not only build camaraderie and morale, they can improve company bottom lines substantially. Improved worker health results in lower absenteeism, improved productivity, decreased healthcare costs, and fewer lawsuits, based on the Wellness Council of America. Incentives and contests can help your organization increase worker involvement in health and fitness programs.

A corporate fitness program improves worker health in a number of ways. Workers lose weight, reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and rest better. Many of these can reduce unwell days, doctor visit and workplace injuries. For instance, lower-back accidents cause employees to miss 100 million work days annually, according to the Health and fitness Council of America.

While worker education can be an important part of any corporate wellness program, a fitness motivation program motivates employees to participate. Holding a team competition or offering cash or other awards can create a buzz throughout your place of work and get more employees participating. One way to increase fitness program participation is to make a team contest. You can draw names randomly to create teams, pit management against staff, place employees from different departments on teams to produce more interaction or have different offices face off against one another.

Weight loss is one aspect of fitness that concerns or passions many people. Build a weight-loss problem as either an individual team or contest competition. You are able to award a prize or prizes predicated on the total number of pounds lost or percentage of individual or team weight lost. If you don’t want to focus on weight loss only, have a broader fitness competition. You can use a variety of incentives to motivate employees to participate in a fitness program. You can cash prizes award, trips, gift certificates, extra vacation days, or other tangible rewards. You can include prestige with winners’ names on plaques displayed at headquarters, a talk about in the company publication and press releases sent to local papers. With team events, the winning team might get to name the charity that receives a donation from the business.

It has multi-function capabilities including a calorie counter, step counter, sleep quality monitor, heart rate monitor, and more. It also has a sedentary alert that vibrates when you feel inactive for long. It offers a 120 mAH lithium-polymer battery pack that’s resilient and can be fully charged in only 1-2 hours. Waterproof fitness trackers are not often designed for swimming activities.

They simply resist accidental water splashes when cleaning hands, sweating, etc. If you’re looking for a fitness tracker that you can swim with, you will need to consider other fitness trackers, which are usually much more expensive. Waterproof fitness trackers are ideal for beginner and advanced fitness enthusiasts because they’re durable enough to withstand sweat and water contact.

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They are also built with more features and functions just like a heart-rate monitor, sedentary alert, longer battery life, bigger touchscreen shows, GPS tracker, and more. The above-mentioned IP67 waterproof trackers are great choices if you are looking for cost-effective waterproof trackers. Don’t limit yourself with what you can certainly do with an IP67 tracker.

Health Tracker: While there are numerous health tracker devices available, VEESAG emerges as successful with various features for health monitoring. VEESAG MPERSENS has an option to set with various medical devices and transfer the readings to a central dashboard through ZigBee brief range wireless connection from the watch. Sleep Tracker: VEESAG watch has inserted accelerometer which will automatically measure about the orientation of these devices and transmit to the server so if the individual is sleeping server will automatically know the position. When matched with a pulse oximeter VEESAG watch will consistently transmit the pulse rate and oxygen saturation leads to the server.

Detail reviews can be generated on the server to analyze and see if there is a drop in air levels when sleeping at a specific angle. This data is vital when someone is positively working on managing their blood pressure. Typical sleep trackers that exist cannot provide oxygen saturation data.