Upcoming Live-Action Disney Movies: From Mulan To Little Mermaid

You may have noticed that Disney, not quite happy with the success of its Pixar releases, Marvel films, or massive Star Wars universe because of the Lucasfilm purchase, has began remaking its classic animated films in live-action form. It type of began with Maleficent, the expensive retelling of the Sleeping Beauty story from the villain’s point of view with Angelina Jolie dealing with leading lady duties. The film was a sizeable success, but instead of continuing to put twists on older films, Disney instead started straight-up remaking them.

1 billion at the package office. And now, with a winning formula, Disney has a bevy of other live-action adaptations in the ongoing works. With so many plates in the fresh air with a wide variety of details to remember, we’ve been through and curated this here list that runs down the specifics on each and every live-action Disney remake currently in the works. The post will be up to date with current information regularly, and as more redos will definitely be announced, be adding those as well we’ll.

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