Helen Of Troy

Just what is supposed by “launched one thousand ships?” What kind of boats are we discussing here? How do we compare modern ships to ancient? The boats that transported the Wrath of Achilles to Troy had single banking institutions of oars organized symmetrically on either part, manned by up to fifty rowers.

Such a vessel was called in Greek a penteconter and might have been 100 ft long and about one-tenth that in the beam, getting a displacement (3) of about 20 tons. One thousand such ships make 20,000 lots. By this measure, the girl who breaks a bottle of champagne over the prow of the ship of 20,000 tons displacement therefore launches it, becomes the add up to Menelaus’ wandering partner. At least so far as maritime affairs are worried.

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If an average-size female were to do only launch herself–by engaging in the bathtub, say– she would get credit for approximately automatically .3 hundredths of the ship launching. Larger women would execute a little better. If ships launched were the only real measure of beauty, Eleanor Mamie and Roosevelt Eisenhower would emerge, without peer, as the utmost appealing of women.

Marilyn Monroe wouldn’t normally even maintain the running. The pyromaniacal inclinations of the toothsome Mamie and Eleanor were, however, imperceptible. They didn’t even smoke. Arson as a way of measuring allure merits distinct consideration. The capital of the small Trojan realm was the three villages of Dardania, Ilium, and Troy merged into a single fortress on the mound of Hissarlik.

The “topless towers of Ilium” may well have been a fair-sized walled city of perhaps as many as 12 acres, though it is more likely that it was a fortified palace very little larger than a ballroom. Which the Troy of c. 1200 BC experienced a substantial population can be inferred from the offspring of the ruler alone.

Priam was a mighty man, who, as well as the handsome Paris, sired on his two wives Arisba and Hecuba (5) forty-nine sons and twelve daughters. In terms of swiftness, the Greeks needed ten years to beat the Trojans and demolish their city; Chicago burned in mere 27 hours. By this measure Mrs O’Leary is 3,244 times more beautiful than Helen. There is no record, however, of Mrs. O’Leary leading to any ships to be launched, though she must have bathed every once in awhile surely.

By the measure of .3 hundredths of a dispatch per ablution, a wash every Saturday evening would give her the same as one ship starting every six. 5 years. To equal the lubricous Helen, Mrs O’Leary would have to bathe once a week for six thousand 500 years.

Although Mrs O’Leary edges out the reasonable Helen in the arson category, Helen’s ship launchings add up faster than Mrs O’Leary’s baths. When Paris carried off his award, Helen was wedded to Menelaus. Menelaus was the brother of the powerful ruler Agamemnon, who went around to the princes of the national country drumming up a battle of revenge against the Trojans. He himself furnished 100 ships and was chosen commander-in-chief of the combined forces.

The assembled fleet at the port of Aulis in Boeotia awaited only a good wind flow. But Agamemnon acquired offended the goddess Artemis by slaying a hind sacred to her and by boasting himself a much better hunter. As abuse, a total absence of wind prevented the fleet from departing, and the army was frequented by plague. The seer Calchas announced that the anger of the goddess could only be appeased by the sacrifice of Agamemnon’s daughter Iphigenia.

This accomplished, the fleet place sail, though not without some hard emotions on the right part of Clytaemnestra, Iphigeneia’s mother. All this had taken about a yr. This time factor makes Helen 6,500 times more beautiful than Mrs O’Leary. Not every woman is hot to burn off down a city enough. But taking up smoking or cooking the dinner will add up. Coupled with regular bathing, every woman can be remembered as more beautiful.