Are Cosmetics Regulated BY FDA?

There are misconceptions galore out there about what the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has to do with cosmetics. Do they or don’t they regulate makeup and beauty products the same way they regulate drugs? Inquiring minds wish to know! The FDA treats drugs and makeup products differently, except when they’re the same (more on that in a minute).

For public security, the distinction matters because the FDA topics drugs to premarket approval, taking a closer take a look at their safety before they go on sale ever. Cosmetics, however, aren’t really examined by the FDA before they end up at Sephora, MAC, or Nordstrom. IMPORTANT THING: With drugs, the FDA requires the responsibility for ensuring their basic safety before the market is hit by them; with cosmetics, this responsibility falls to the manufacturer, who can be penalized for breaking the rules, but it’s mostly following the fact. Now, there’s one big “but,” and it is due to products the FDA says are both a beauty AND a drug.

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If a product has been categorized as both a cosmetic and a drug, it must complete the FDA’s premarket approval. Quite simply, the FDA tries to make sure the merchandise is safe before it continues on sale. It’s complicated (, and there’s even A lot more to it than this), but also for more info on makeup products and the U.S.

FDA check out FDA Authority Over Makeup products and Cosmetic Labeling & Label Claims. For details on Canada’s guidelines on the regulation of cosmetics, start to see the Drugs and Food Act and Cosmetic Regulations, and for information on the regulation of cosmetics in the European Union, visit Premium Beauty News. How do you feel about makeup products and the FDA? Do you consider makeup is well regulated? Share your take on it in the responses.

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