Marketing Fitness Boot Camps With You Tube

There are many people in the fitness industry who believe one-on-one fitness is on its last hip and legs. Small group training and fitness boot camps aren’t only gathering popularity, they are demonstrating to be much more than a fad. And since you can’t really ignore the development and more and more fitness experts are creating their own fitness boot camps, consequently competition for “campers” is becoming fierce.

It will go without saying a website is a marketing requirement for any entrepreneurial fitness expert. But that’s just the beginning. With video hosting sites such as You Tube which makes it incredibly easy to do so, every fitness professional should be taking benefit of online video to make their marketing efforts that much stronger. Video is, in reality, the continuing future of online marketing. The following tips in this specific article will explain several simple ways to consider the benefit of video technology to give your fitness training a significant competitive advantage over your competition. Nothing beats sociable proof.

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It’s true that written testimonials are terrific, especially when accompanied by a picture, but oftentimes people are still skeptical if they are genuine or not. You can’t say that about a video testimonial. Video taping your successful boot campers discussing what a terrific camp you host is exponentially stronger than a written testimonial.

And whenever possible, video tape the campers before and after. Meaning, video tape them before they start the camp and after they’ve gone through it. Which makes an even more compelling marketing message. Prospective campers will be skeptical and curious no real matter what. Many do not know what they’re “set for.” Video taping exercise presentations and actual portions of your camp to put on your website to provide prospects more than just a concept of what to expect.

And not only will this increase attendance, it will also eliminate people from registering who just aren’t prepared to work hard enough to get results. Anyone looking for information on a boot camp will want to know more about who will be training them. What better way to present yourself than by a video?

It’s a lot more personal when compared to a written bio or resume. It gives you to let your enthusiastic personality glimmer through and immediately bonds you with your prospect. Along the lines of the “Before and After” testimonial model, you can pick specific participants from your camp to check out on a regular basis. Before the week of the camp You’ll video interview each participant. Imagine how powerful a marketing tool that is.

It instantly relays to the skeptical prospect exactly what they can expect their experience to end up like. And supposing you operate a great fitness training they won’t be able to wait to get started! It’s becoming a lot more well-known that sociable support can be an essential component of any successful weight loss program. When you add that to the fact people love to have a great time and feel part of something, it is rather important to make your camp an extremely supportive public atmosphere.